Meet the Team

The Owners

Owners of Montgomery Technology

Montgomery Technology, Inc. is proud to be a family-owned business. The company is owned by a family of engineers (Tim, Patrick, and Nathan Skipper). This family environment benefits our customers in two ways.

First, the shareholders are personally interested in the success of our products and the reputation of our brand. Second, there is an extra level of pride that goes into the workmanship and support that we provide. With over 60 years of combined engineering experience in the field of electronics and computer engineering, we have what it takes to ensure a viable, affordable product for years to come.

The Management Team

Tim Skipper, CEO – Tim has over 40 years of experience designing electronics for multiple industries. In 1987, as integrated control systems were beginning to take root in detention facilities, he established MTI as the first company to integrate all electronic systems into a single user interface. Tim graduated from Auburn University with a degree in Electrical Engineering. He also is a licensed Professional Engineer, and holds a BICSI RCDD certification. Today, Tim continues to innovate and play an integral part in the direction of the company. You will likely meet him at a sales demo or trade show, as he has always been and continues to be the strongest advocate we have for our unique approach.

Nathan Skipper, VP of Sales – Nathan is the “computer nerd” of the group. He even has the degree to prove it, having graduated from Auburn University with a degree in Computer Engineering. He is well versed in just about every common programming language from PHP to C/C++. Nathan provides most of the design and low-level programming for many of the products that we produce. In addition to providing engineering expertise, Nathan also manages our sales force. In fact, you will likely meet Nathan at a trade show or demo, if you haven’t already.

Patrick Skipper, VP of Operations – Patrick seems to have inherited the construction gene from a long line of contractors and entrepreneurs in the family. Patrick graduated from Auburn University with a degree in Electrical Engineering.

He uses that expertise in the design and production of most of our electronics. Patrick is also a licensed Professional Engineer, holds a RCDD certification, and is Pelco Endura certified. Besides his design work, Patrick provides operational management for the company. He oversees the production, project management, and customer service staff. You will likely meet Patrick at a construction meeting or trade show.

The Support Staff

Terry Mullins, Sales Manager – Terry has been working with MTI for over 20 years now. In fact, some people even have the idea that he owns the company because he has represented the company so well for so long.

Terry has a background in law enforcement, having worked as a firemen, a police officer, and a sheriff’s deputy before coming to work for us. Terry has a strong knowledge of both the customer needs and the products that we provide, and he does an outstanding job of ensuring that the customer is taken care of. You’ll likely meet Terry at a trade show or demo.

Dara Thomas, Accounting Manager – Another long-term employee, Dara has been with us for over 20 years as well. Dara started out working for us as an assembler and has held a position in just about every part of the company.

Having such a broad experience with our company means that she is able to provide the customer with direction and support that best meets his or her needs. Currently, Dara’s primary task is managing the accounts that we have, from providing customer service to handling RMAs to working up an estimate to billing. You’re likely to speak with Dara any time you call us, as she handles most of the customer service requests.

Jon Medley, Systems Manager – Jon has been in the IT field since 1982, dealing with everything from Xenix to Ubuntu, Novell networks to modern TCP/IP, DOS to Windows 10.

Jon manages all of our business systems, including our internal technologies, documentation, as well as our quality assurance certifications. You will most likely work with Jon if you use our Video Visitation product, or if you need help with a computer-related issue.

Jack Weill, Inventory Manager – Jack has been with MTI for over 20 years and, like Dara, has held a position in most parts of the company.

Jack has served the company as a project manager, production manager, and now as our inventory control manager. Jack handles all shipping and receiving for the company, ensuring that parts are ordered, produced, and shipped out in a timely manner.

You will probably speak to Jack when you call in for a parts order or estimate.

Nick Hartley, Production Manager – Nick is a perfectionist, there is just no other way to say it. He has a keen eye for detail and quality and it shows through in the production line that he oversees.

Nick  works with our production team to ensure that orders are filled and that quality expectations are met.

Although we don’t let Nick get out much, you are likely to meet him if you come to one of our training classes. You will see his initials on quality assurance labels for our panels and electronics, so you’ve met his work, even if you haven’t met him.