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  • How Detention Control Systems Can Help with PREA

    While there are many practical, business-practice aspects of compliance with the law, there are many ways that technologies can help. The primary focus with respect to technology and PREA has revolved around improvements to video surveillance. But, detention control systems can also help with compliance to PREA. While there are many ways that these systems […]

  • Monitoring Third-Party Devices From Detention Control Systems

    While detention control systems are primarily concerned with the control of locks, intercoms, and cameras, there are secondary systems that provide monitored inputs that can be useful in the overall integration of the system. For example, most detention control systems are powered using an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS). Even though these devices provide a smooth […]

  • BACnet and Detention Control Systems

    MTI is the most open and non-proprietary system among all detention control systems, and we’ve just added one more confirmation of that. The latest version of the MTI ProVision detention control system suite provides the means for a designer add control of devices that are BACnet/IP compliant. If you don’t know, BACnet is an industry […]