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The MTI access control system is made for highly distributed environments such as court and municipal complexes. Distribute card readers and door termination boards wherever you need them and control from a centralized embedded controller, or locate an embedded controller in each equipment room. This system can work in any scenario, but it especially shines where a large quantity of access points must be controlled.

Dragonfly AC Access Control Systems

The system also shines when there is a need to integrate other aspects of the security system into your access control system. Most access control systems are difficult to integrate with intercom and CCTV. But what if you could call up an intercom or a CCTV camera tagged to a door when that door’s reader received an invalid card read? With the MTI system it is as simple as tagging those I/O points together in the designer software.

Many access control systems also have a difficult time representing the floor plan of the facility, but the MTI system is built around a graphical user interface that provides for a central point of control.


The backbone of the MTI access control system is not an antiquated communication path like RS422 or 485. The MTI system uses standard Ethernet for all communications between the central controller and all termination boards. This means that the system can be supported by any IT or telecom professional. It also means that the system can be installed across any number of mediums and in a wide array of distribution scenarios.

The MTI card reader termination boards can support any 26 bit WEIGAND reader and has been proven to work with keypads, prox readers, and biometric readers.

The system also comes with an intuitive administration application that uses Microsoft SQL Server as the database engine and Microsoft.NET as it’s basis of design. This means the application can run on any Microsoft Windows platform and that it can be maintained well into the future.

The software provides such features as card management, personnel and time keeping management, card design and printing, time zone and access level management, threat level management and escalation, and many other features.

The MTI system shines among access control systems.

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