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Not all detention control systems are created equal. In fact, most security control systems don’t even have components that are made specifically for use in security systems. Most systems by other providers are put together using components from industrial environments, such as controllers that were designed to operate conveyor belts.

That is one of the many things that makes MTI unique. We build control systems for jails and prisons, from the ground up. We manufacture the controllers, the software, and the termination devices. With our system, you have a single source of responsibility. There is no scrambling to find the right support line or supplier from a list of vendors, each one supplying a different component of your system.

Because we make it, we can guarantee a level of support, backwards compatibility , and technological advancement that no other company can. When you choose MTI for your security control system, you are choosing a system that is simple, reliable and secure.


Detention Control Systems termination boards

The MTI security Control System is founded on a simple concept of distribution and a single method of communication between all devices. MTI provides termination boards for field devices ranging from door control to intercom to lighting to utility control to dry contact. All of these termination boards provide for activation of devices in increments of 8 or 16. The devices can handle any range of voltages and isolation requirements. These termination boards communicate back to the MTI Embedded Controller through a loop connection that has not changed in over 25 years. This means that MTI can easily and quickly upgrade a 20+ year old system without rewiring or replacing any termination boards.

As part of this data loop communication platform, all termination boards have a pluggable communications card known as a decoder. This decoder provides isolation between the field devices and the rest of the system, meaning that only one group of 16 devices will be lost if there is a short or lightening strike.


The heart of the MTI system is a reliable controller we call the Embedded Controller. The Embedded Controller is completely IP network based. That means the controller’s communication path is reliable, open, and interchangeable.

The Embedded Controller is also reliable because it has been certified to the highest standards. This controller, along with the other devices that make up the control system, is UL294 Listed. This means that the controller is put through rigorous testing and can withstand the highest demand.

Finally, the controller is reliable because it can be configured under any number of redundant scenarios, even being configured in a cluster so that a secondary controller can take over immediately should the primary controller fail.


The MTI system provides exceptional security features. The center point of these exceptional features is the MTI Applications software suite. This suite includes ProVision-the touchscreen control application; ProDesign -the touchscreen design application; and Alarm Reporting- the activity and alarm reporting application.

The designer is afforded with an inexhaustible number of standard functions including pulse, toggle, momentary, group releases, emergency releases, interlocks and much more. The designer also has the option of implementing  custom logic that can perform any function needed.

The operator has a great deal of flexibility in control from the ProVision touchscreen control application. He can activate those points permitted to him, as well as special functions such as protect, hold-open, breach, and more.

When it comes to security control systems, the simplest, most reliable, and secure option is the MTI control system.

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