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Digicom Intercom System Amplifier

The MTI Digicom intercom system is designed to be widely distributed across a multi-building campus but is also modular enough to be used in a single-building configuration with a small number of intercom stations. There are three major design features of the system which make it ideal for law-enforcement applications (jails, prisons, courthouses, Law Enforcement Centers). First, the MTI Digicom system is IP-based to the amplifier. Using network-based digital communications reduces the amount of interference induced on the audio as compared with completely analog systems. Additionally, utilizing IP-based communications allows for a much more flexible design, allowing the system to be more easily distributed across a wide area. In effect, wherever network can be provided, an intercom system can be provided and a talk path from any other location on the network can be accomplished. 

Second, the Digicom system can be used with a Windows-based computer or tablet to provide master functionality for call routing and response. This means that there is no need for a separate system and master station within your control center. 

 Third, the Digicom system is closely integrated with the MTI ProVision detention control system. All of the control for call routing and response can be integrated into the same programming and user interface that is already used for the door and utility control. This means that there is no need to respond to an intercom call from a separate panel. The call-ins are annunciated on the same floor plan that the officer would be using to open and close doors. 

Additionally, because of the tight integration with the MTI ProVision control system, interfacing for camera call-ups is built in. As long as the MTI ProVision system can integrate with the camera system, camera call-ups based on intercom traffic is a no-brainer. 

Along with this, the Digicom system can record directly to the MTI Dragonfly Alarm Reporting system so that intercom traffic and even the audio conversations are provided as part of the audit trail for alarm and activity reporting. 

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