Online Training

Training at MTI HQ

One of the major distinguishing traits of MTI is the fact that we provide free training to our customers on a semi-annual basis. These classes are provided at no charge and cover the full range of our product offerings. Technicians can attend these classes to become well-versed on our products in order to provide better support and maintenance at their facilities. Additionally, local service contractors and integrators can attend to learn installation and troubleshooting techniques. MTI provides lunch each day of the training class, along with snacks and drinks. Each attendee also receives a training manual.

There is one course currently offered during the second week in April and October:

  • MTI Firefly Technician – This is a two-day training class which covers installation and troubleshooting of the MTI Firefly control system. This class includes training on termination techniques, troubleshooting, programming, and basic design techniques.

Regional Training Opportunities

MTI can also hit the road with regional training opportunities. We offer this option in regions where there are a large number of existing MTI customers who are interested in being trained. With this, we ask that a host facility provide a training venue, and we will provide the materials, trainer, lunch and snacks for the attendees.

To qualify for a regional training opportunity, we require the following:

  • At least five (5) individual facilities or agencies who are interested in attending.
  • At least eight (eight) attendees.
  • A venue provided by one of the participating agencies.

How To Register

If you would like to register for one of the classes, whether it be the Greenville classes or the regional classes, please email us at “” with your basic contact information.