BACnet and Detention Control Systems

BACnet and Detention Control SystemsMTI is the most open and non-proprietary system among all detention control systems, and we’ve just added one more confirmation of that. The latest version of the MTI ProVision detention control system suite provides the means for a designer add control of devices that are BACnet/IP compliant. If you don’t know, BACnet is an industry standard, typically used for building automation devices. It is most likely to be used with lighting panels, temperature sensors, and other devices that provide electronic functionality outside of the security apparatus.


Merging Detention Control Systems and Building Automation

If you are wondering what enhancements this might add to detention control systems, imagine the ability to not only control whether a light is on or off, but to also be able to set the dimness of a light, as is the case with new LED lighting control systems. So, in the use case where a detention control system might need to turn on the night-light for a day room, the MTI system can set the percentage of dimness on the LED lighting panel, rather than activating two different dry contact points. This means that a building designer can use the same lights for both day and night settings.

This new feature of the MTI control system supports both analog and digital/binary outputs. This means we can control percentages or other analog ranges, as well as simple binary on/off control.

Standards Define “Non-Proprietary”

MTI is the most open and non-proprietary system available for detention facilities because we aim to meet all applicable protocols and standards for our industry. We are UL 508 and 294 certified, implement Onvif Profile S for video surveillance interface, provide a vendor neutral interface for Fire Alarm, Duress, and Perimeter systems, and now we provide one more standard to use through BACnet/IP.